April 16, 2009

In my experimentation as a writer, I am finding that it is at my most absurd and illogical that I am most content.  Ambiguology, one non sequitur after another, is a quaint tale that follows Tyler through a maze of religion, games, food, love, one strange old man, and a dog named Panda.  Your brain will likely formulate some thoughts while reading, so please leave questions or comments.

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The City of Love

March 15, 2009

I realized recently that all last year, I only completely finished four short stories, all of which will be online soon. The City of Love is a personal favourite, which I wrote last August.  Thanks to Amanda for the inspiration, and to Katherine for help with the French (what little there is considering it takes place in Paris).

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February 16, 2009

As the first and only short story I have published, Steve is the first of the short stories available for you to read.  It was originally written in the Fall of 2003, so my style has evolved a little over the years.  I recently revised Steve to give it more of a style and vision of how I have been writing lately.  It’s a curious and awkward tale that I hope you enjoy.  More stories soon.

Read it here.