In recent times, I have been writing amok with non-sequiturs and incoherencies, much to my own enjoyment (yet the potential antagonism of my readers), so these may not be the final versions, but read and think thoughts.  I can only hope that things might get stranger.

Seventeen Short Stories
My most recent project, a short story every day for seventeen days, always unplanned and rarely edited. October and November 2010.

Prolonged Bursts of Light
My last short story to date, introducing some impossible concepts and a dozen incomplete metaphors.  April 2009.

Accidental Time Travel
William takes a fantastic journey through spacetime, in textbook format, complete with graphics.  Completed in April 2009.

Once of the newest by the late Joshua Nichol, featuring a myriad of non sequiturs and illogic.  Related concepts are ambiguography, ambiguosophy, ambiguodonyms and ignoratio elenchi.  Completed in March 2009.

La Ville d’Amour
Secret agents fall in love with tourists in an attempt to once again make Paris the world’s most romantic city. Completed in August 2008.

Madison relives her life continuously as a memory after dying at 21. Completed in November 2008.

The UnBook
Joshua turns to his characters to help determine the premise of  his new book. Completed in March 2008.

A man is plagued with a bizarre case of déjà vu . Published in Douglas College’s Pearls in 2005.


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